Introducing TACTICS Toolbox

TACTICS V2.2 is now available, in executable form, free for academic research use and distributed under the BSD License (see the Open Source Initiative site- Updates are expected regularly. Suggestions to improve the automation capability and the quality of the analysis are welcomed.


• TACTICS use requires a MATLAB commercial license.
• MATLAB programmers are welcome to use TACTICS as a platform for their needs, including modifications in the code.
• Implementation- currently TACTICS can work only on Windows systems. In order to estimate the demand for other systems such as Linux, please contact us and help us to set up our priorities.
• Users should note that some undocumented features might be broken in future with later versions of MATLAB. In such a case, or if a new MATLAB version that offers documented interactive sliderbars will be released, we will alter TACTICS code.
• Users who wish to expand TACTICS code (i.e. to add more segmentation and measurements functions) can find the necessary documentation in pages 33-35 of the user guide. Please contact us for further instructions.



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