TACTICS version 3 is ready for beta-testing

The MATLAB code for the TACTICS Tracking Module version 3.0 is now available for initial beta-testing.

More modules (in particular the ACD Module and Lineage Module) will be released in the near future.

What is TACTICS?

TACTICS is a versatile MATLAB toolbox for High Content Analysis (HCA) of microscopy data. TATICS has been developed for image cytometry of non-adherent cells such as hematopoietic cells. TACTICS includes a dedicated user interface and customized algorithms to analyse multiple time lapse microscopy experiments with a mouse click. For instance, TACTICS can create scatter plots on a population basis, measure morphology features, measure ratios of fluorescence intensity both within and between cells, and analyse migration features of cells. TACTICS integrates a collection of valuable open code tools and original tools, into one package. We provide TACTICS source-code as well as video tutorials, data sample, and comprehensive user-guide to help the unfamiliar user get started with TACTICS. Current applications are quantification and analysis of cell tracking, trafficking fluorescently- tagged protein within tracked immune cells, and multi generational analysis of cell fate.